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Urban Saints have worked with the Reality Team for over 7 years.  We partner with them because of their passion, commitment and creativity they bring to help young people find Christ and, more importantly, grow in faith and develop in leadership.  We have personally learnt from Reality about the importance of youth-led mission and also the creative approaches to support young men and women in the significant well being challenges they face today.

Matt SummerfieldUrban Saint President

I’ve often heard the phrase, “It’s easier to build a man than to try and fix him”.  Having travelled around the country over the last few years with Christian Vision for Men, I’ve seen many men who would have greatly benefitted and learned so much from the Reality Youth Project’s “Boys2Men” initiative.

Having recently been involved, hands on in a pilot course in Leicester, I can only say that the subjects on, Passion, Humility, Courage, Respect, Control and Responsibility are characteristics which, if instilled into our boys from an early age will greatly be of benefit when they reach the stage of becoming men.

I have already seen positive signs of growth in the boys who have completed the pilot course and using the vast experience and skills of the Reality Youth Project team I am excited at working with them on future courses. There is no other course like this currently out there and this initiative is vital if our boys are to become the men they know they should be.

Paul GaskChristian Vision for Men, Regional Director North England

“I have learnt that a real man isn’t someone who looks good in society.  It is someone that God wants us to be.”

“I will think about how to show Christian Lifestyle in everyday life.”

“I have realised that men carry lots of responsibility, that can sometimes take courage but we have to go into these responsibilities with passion and know that we cannot always do it alone but with God nothing is impossible.”

“After the course I will think more about the choices I make more carefully, thinking about others and not just me.”

“I want to become more courageous and confident as a result of the course.”

“I am going to remember to ‘Fully Rely On God’.”

Quotes from the young people on Boys2Men pilot group
“I had an absolutely amazing time”
“I enjoyed everything! Feet and hand massages”
“It was lovely to take time out and be pampered whilst relating to how God sees us!”
“It was great to relax with people I know”
“It was a great day and learned lots.  It was nice to talk with other girls, something we rarely get to do! Thank you!”
“I learnt that He loves me no matter what I do and He loves me all the time”
“An event that makes you feel welcome and you get to know what Love can be offered to you.”
“It’s a time to do things you like and enjoy relaxing but at the same time learn about God through those!”
“He thinks that He made me perfectly (or something like that)”
“It’s okay to be different”
“Fun experience”
“He loves us despite what we think of ourselves and that we’re all important”
Quotes from the young people on Lavish pilot group

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