I took some time at the start to remember the ‘Am I’s…Secure? Chosen? Courageous? And the power of the tongue; that as the Proverb (18:21) says, is life and death!   Spent a lot of time in our first activity on the things/people/characteristics we value..it felt right to stay with that and hear each girl share openly and confidently what’s important to them; relationships/family/faith.

The film strip continues to work really well as we build the story; lots of laughter is caused around trying to work out what some of the drawings are and what they mean!  Loving the ‘reverses’ we see in Esther; we remembered the Kings Edict in chapter 1:22, compared with how Haman is now listening to the advice of his wife and friends to build a ridiculously high gallows for Mordecai.  It was good to use that example to think about who and what we listen to,  and consider how we measure those words before they become labels and beliefs.  Again another 2 hour jam packed session; had to miss out the part at the end on how we can build up one another in and out of church.  I’m also finding that time is being squeezed at the end for journal-ing and reflection; be interesting to hear what the girls think about that too.