Such a thrill to welcome the girls early into the room, and not only hear, but be invited into their chatter; there is such an emerging sense of ‘growing and being in this space together’.

The opening activity, which was matching up the phobias helped to introduce  the session and appeared to work well as the girls paired up and tried really hard to fathom out the strangely named phobias that exist out there!  I also felt it was also important  to add and think about the other aspect of fear that can also ‘energise’ us to keep us safe and out of danger.

Stepping into the story of Esther I was astounded at the detail the girls had remembered …my concern that I had talked way too much last week and caused them to switch off was actually unfounded.  The film strips (which we have stuck to the wall are growing nicely, with some interesting pictures to prompt and remind us of what’s happened).

We spent a lot of time with the different scenarios (activity); thinking about ways we can be courageous in everyday situations at home and school…and found ourselves going deeper and off track a little, but I counted each conversation as valuable; as I was able to hear all the more, the thoughts and heart of each of the girls.

Oh, there was such a lovely reaction of ‘wow’ by the girls as we watched ‘Ruthies story’; CEO and founder of Because Justice Matters in San Francisco; she is such an inspiration… and a true woman of courage.

I struggled to find a song about ‘courage’ that was slower in tempo to quiet our hearts at the end of a full on session… so asked the Lord and felt it was right to focus on Jesus, which is always a good thing to do!!  I played the You Tube clip which takes segments of ‘the Passion’ of Christ to the song ‘You raise me up’.

Thank you Jesus; You are courage; and our courage.  Because of you, we can be courageous too.  What a Saviour!