What a word of encouragement I received during the week; someone just happened to  drop into a casual conversation that the Jews had celebrated ‘Purim’ on the 28th Feb – 1st Mar (unbeknown to me),  wow; I received it as an affirmation from the Lord of ‘Esther’; we certainly do have purpose and His timing is perfect!

Really funny… the first activity which was a bag of items the girls had to feel and guess what they were and their purpose…

I obviously didn’t explain the activity fully as two of the girls promptly started to get the items out of the bag..!

Another 2 hour session, which surprised me as the content lessens each week; I think it’s because the girls are becoming more comfortable and engaging with us as leaders and one another.  Sadly, the reflective and journaling time was squeezed out; definitely need to re-think this part.