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Reflecting on Remembrance

Every year my husband; an ex Serviceman and Firefighter lays a wreath in our village on behalf of the Fire Service.  This year I decided to go with him (I usually go to our home church). After the formality of the service the veterans and uniformed services parade through the village towards the memorial square.  […]

You are CHOSEN

A huge thank you to the Meadows Community Church, Wigston for allowing me to have a ‘stand’ at their Women’s Conference (Jewel) on Saturday 22nd September. How incredible that the title of the day was ‘chosen’; a topic that we feature in Esther #lifting off the labels in ‘Session 2’. Girls and boys today need to […]

Here’s what some of our parents thought about Esther

Parent 1:  Esther has been great for the girls; they have not only shared treats but have deepened their relationships with each other and God and our daughter has become more confident.  It has made her appreciate her own self-image and how others see her . This has been a really beneficial course.  Thank you. […]

Esther Reflections – Am I loved? – Session Six – 11th March

How timely is today!…For our final Esther session we joined the church family first to celebrate ‘Mothering Sunday’.  I feel such a mix of emotions; sad that the course is coming to an end, but excited as I believe that God has amazing plans to grow and bless others with ‘Esther’.    Defining  ‘love’ was a […]