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Esther Reflections – Am I Secure? – Session ONE – 4th Feb

God answered my prayer…. Really pleased with how the session went…wondering though if I did too much talking? Need to think about that…Thought the extra ‘You Tube’ clip I included about how children imagine God to look like went down well; it was so funny.  The girls engaged in all the activities; introducing each other […]

Esther Reflections

Here’s some excerpts from my diary..(thought I’d share with you my journey of running my first Esther group at my church.)  Hope you enjoy it! Weeks leading up to Esther…. Phew so relieved we’re running Esther on Sunday mornings; it was so tough trying to organise a mid-week day and time when the majority of […]

Authentic Training Postcards

For so many of our young people the journey through teenage years is increasingly difficult and many find themselves simply drifting into adult hood and struggling to find their place as a disciple of Jesus in a society where there are so few good role models for young people to look up to.